What drives me as a musician and educator is the connection to audiences and learners. Music can say more than words, musical stories move physically and emotionally, they touch our very being. Working for The Netherlands Wind Ensemble and Musicians Without Borders in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war, touring and helping to rebuilt woodwind classes at the music highschools and academies, was a life changing experience for me. The value of music making and music education became clear to me. The need for the arts was evident, the need for initiating new learning processes obvious, but what was most important was the connectivity that arose through music making and teaching, crossing borders of language, religion and cultural background. Music is in our DNA, it is such an integral part of us that as soon as we can hear, we become auditive sponges, an ability that helps us connect with our family members, to mirror them and to relax. With music lessons and concerts for the smallest members of society (ukkieconcertjes) we celebrate all these wonderful qualities and more, creating opportunities for them to develop into happy, healthy individuals, with strong family bonds. My teaching practice has been revised since my Master vocal and instrumental learning. I now base my teaching on the Self Determination Theory, creating young, healthy musicians that are great learners. As the artistic director of Festival CityProms I have been given the opportunity to create space and stages for young musicians and new makers. The backbone of the festival is the active music making community in the three northern provinces of The Netherlands. Creating more than a festival, a week full of meaning and community, is my goal. A week in which everyone can enjoy, experience and listen to music. A week full of inspiration in which every member of society can take part.

Artistic director of festival CityProms (from November 2021)

Master research (teacher) at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (2019-2021)

Manager at Ukkieconcertjes
Oboe player: The Netherlands Wind Ensemble and Martin Fondse Orchestra
Teacher:The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague

Volunteer: Musicians Without Borders instrument fund management

Principal oboe player: Het Ballet Orkest (till August 2020)

English Horn: BBC Symphony, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, NedPho
Oboe: in ASKO/Schonberg Ensemble, NedPho, RPhO,
the Dutch Radio Orchestras and the NNO
Study: The Hague at the Royal Conservatoire and Basel at the Musik Akademie.
Degrees: bachelor and master degree in teaching and performance from The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.
Certified Laban practicioner, education in the U.K., Phoenix course, developed by the Laban Guild